pen to paper (def): “to start to write something” 

I write high-quality resumes and cover letters.  As an added bonus, I also provide interview preparation skills, job search recommendations and professional LinkedIn bios.

If you’re entering the workforce for the first time, you’re looking to switch jobs, or you just want an updated resume, I can help!home-office

Resume Writing:

Your resume tells your story and is your ‘first impression’.  You want to make sure it’s high quality and makes you stand out!

I’ve worked on resumes for a variety of positions and I can build a resume from scratch or can start off with one that needs updating.  After a brief phone consultation and the analysis of a given job postings, I set to work crafting a resume you will be thrilled with and, most importantly, proud of!

Resumes and cover letters are typically completed within a week so you can begin your job search right away.  One client received a phone call for an interview within 20 minutes of submitting her new resume!

Cover Letter Writing:

Cover letters are important – even though there is some debate if recruiters really read them.  Among other things, your cover letter describes the position you’re applying for and highlights your key skills and abilities.  A well-written cover letter can go a long way!

Interview Preparation Skills:

Whether you’re just starting out in the working world, switching jobs or going back after a break, interview prep skills are essential.  The better prepared you are, the better you’ll do in interview.  You will be given interview prep questions to work on and I’ll conduct a mock interview – either in person or by phone.  Afterwards, I provide you with feedback and tips to get you ready for your real interview with a hiring manager.

Job Search Recommendations:

Sometimes we can get stuck on relying on the same channels when looking for work.  Often it’s the fresh ideas that will help you get that new job!

Professional LinkedIn Bios:

Know you need a bio but aren’t sure what to include?  Let me write one for you that highlights your skills and experience!


Let’s put Pen 2 Paper!  Email me on how I can help you with your resume, cover letter and job search!

Tam Campbell Trant


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